PEP's progress on 2021-05

2021-05-21 by Aaron Elkins

How time flies. It has been 9 months since I started to develop PEP as an open-source project. For readers who did not know about PEP, PEP is an open-source PDF editor for Mac developed from scratch without any third-party PDF engine dependence. PEP has its core - called Gene.

What things PEP has done

At the time of writing. PEP has more than 10,840 lines of code, 245 stars and 1,025 commits on Github.

We have made the PDF engine from scratch - Gene. Gene has a PDF primary objects lexer and parser, which is robust and fast. It's also the foundation of all other parts of the code.

Gene also have other important parts, including GDocument, GPage, GTextParser, GInterpreter, GGlyph, GWord, GLine, GTextBlock. These are the foundation of PEP. We carefully code the project, for correctness, easily-to-read and maintenance.

Here is a simple demo of how PEP works:

What I want PEP to be

I want PEP to be a robust, fast, lightweight alternative to Adobe Acrobat, and the most important is, PEP is open to accept any useful features from users. I recently collected a lot of small features which users always request for.

If you have any feature suggestions, please fill this Google Form, so that I can get them and implement them.


I will continue to work on PEP as an open-source project, but any donations (even $1) will encourage me to continue to work on PEP and give me more energy and passion. I am not asking for much money, I just need responses from the community and my users for this long-time project. I want to know how many people care about this project.

So if you are willing to donate $1 to let me know you care about this project, here is my Patreon page.

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