PEP is a work-in-progress open source and free PDF editor for Mac. It's designed to be a robust, elegant and lightweight alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

PEP is an ambitious project as it includes its own PDF engine called Gene, built from scratch. Therefore PEP will be self-contained and not rely on third-party PDF libraries.

Where can I get the code

You can get the code on Github. If you have any question or suggestion just create new issues on the Issue page.

PEP is licensed under GPL v2.

Get in touch with us!

Get in touch with the developers and other users whenever you want. We prefer via our Discord server, but the choice is up to you!

Show us your love

PEP is under development, and we are making progress every day and night. All donations will help the development of PEP, Please donate at the level you can via our Patreon Page.

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If you would like to put your logo/name/link here and become a sponsor, please contact me for more details.