Hi Everyone,

I am working on a free and open source PDF editor for macOS called PEP (PDF Editing Program). It is a lightweight & open source alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

PEP is still in the very early stages of development, and I am in need of funds to fully focus on it. Ideally, I would like to improve PEP more before requesting donations, but unfortunately because of my living situation I need funds now.

PEP is an ambitious project as it includes its own PDF engine, built from scratch. Therefore PEP will be self-contained and not rely on third-party PDF libraries.

I'm currently focussed on building out this engine, called Gene, which is the core of PEP. It is primarily this component for which I need funding. I have published everything I have so far in the hope that someone will see its potential and donate towards it.

I have been a Mac developer for about 10 years. You can see some of my commercial Mac apps here:


If you would find PEP useful and want to help it succeed, please donate at my Patreon to speed up the development process. Alternatively, you can follow me as Aaron Elkins on Twitter to help spread the word.

Everything is still under construction, but if you are interested in the PEP code, you can find PEP on GitHub.

[Updated]: Always check out the Download page for new release, currently just prototype alpha releases, but I will add more and more features soon and later.

[Updated]: We have a lot of progress since the first expose on Hacker News, now we have our first alpha version release, you can now play with PEP with the alpha relesae, but it is still missing a lot of features, so I recommend people to support this proejct by donating towards it to speed up the development proccess.

-Aaron Elkins